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Get The Look - Maria Kolosova

Maria Kolosova - Photo by Gianluca Senese for Stockholm Streetstyle
Maria Kolosova - Photo by Gianluca Senese for Stockholm Streetstyle

AX Paris Light Leopard Style Fur Coat

Only Oxford Shirt

H&M Jersey top

MANGO Faux Leather Leggings

H&M Narrow leather belt

Forever 21 Faux Patent Leather Pumps

Accessorize Leather Soft Ziptop Bag

The Vatican Library Collection Gold Tone Simulated Crystal Cross Pendant

I'm so in love with this combo: basic, minimal and yet stylish; a super easy outfit to recreate and also good for the transition temperatures of these days. I'd only replace the heels with a pair of white sneakers or slip-ons, more suitable to my style :)

Wish you a wonderful weekend!


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56 commenti:

  1. che bello questo look Lilli, facile da replicare e ad un buon prezzo <3

  2. Ma è identico, sei stata bravissima Lilli tra l'altro il look in se è proprio bello!

    My last post: H&M Studio Paris Fashion Week A/W 2015/16

    Shopping Girls

  3. Ciao dolce Lilli ! E'un look che copierò sicuro. Mi piace l'idea della camicia sotto la pelliccia !
    Buon weekend

  4. E' un mix che piace molto anche a me e anch'io ci vedrei un paio di slip-on. Davvero carino questo look.
    Un bacio e buon fine settimana.

  5. look super amazing...thx for sharing Lilli...:-)
    Many kisses! Have a great weekend!!! xx

  6. Ma Lily hai ricreato un look praticamente identico!
    Bellissimo in particolare il pellicciotto.
    Un bacio


  7. Cara Lilly, hai fatto un lavoro straordinario!
    Il look mi piace molto: un elemento animalier è perfetto in ogni occasione, oltre che nella moda dà un tocco di eleganza anche in casa.



  8. Molto bello questo look, il cappotto è stupendo!

  9. quello che mi piace di questo tipo di outfit è la combinazione leggings, camicia in denim e giacca leopardata. Davvero molto carina come combinazione. Uno stile urbano e alla moda.

  10. sempre capi bellissimi!! un abbraccio buon weekend!! :)

  11. non il pellicciotto, ma perchè in generale non amo la stampa leo, ma mi piace tutto il resto del look, bello!

  12. mi piace l'idea di sostituire i deco con le sneakers...rendendo l'outfit stiloso e casual!

  13. I really like this outfit, it's stylish and practical. I also want a leopard coat like that! <3 Have a nice weekend. xx
    Fringe Style

  14. Hi Lilli! Great choice of copy-for-less outfit post! I really like this combo too! I fell in love with the Only Oxford shirt and the way she has styled it with a jersey top. I've never thought this would turn out so well! I would replace the heels with sneakers too! We have similar style, sneakers for ever! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Lilli! xo

  15. Ciao tesoro,
    bello questo look da copiare e poi si può realizzare davvero spendendo pochissimo e acquistando capi versatili che possono essere sfruttati con facilità.
    Un bacione dolce amica e buon fine settimane :*** <3
    grazie per le tue chicche di stile, sei preziosa ;)

  16. Thanks for style for less ideas - love the leopard print coat!!


  17. Bellissima selezione:) baci

  18. Molto molto cool, mi piace <3

    The Cutielicious

  19. Hello Lilli!!!
    What a great outfit!
    Like the style and adore the leopard coat !!!
    Have a cozy weekend!

  20. Hello lovely!! This is really gorgeous, love leopard print and the leggings are so cool :) I have a pair that I wear sometimes. Very rock and roll like!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend my dear. Hugs and loves xoxo

  21. Wow ,love it how you copy it for lees! Especially the Coat is my favorite Piece!

    Have a great Start in a wonderful Weekend Lilli ,kisses

  22. Yay for budget look! This is definitely one of my favourite series from you, Lilli and I love the one that you put together to recreate such a chic and glamorous look.

    I really miss shopping in H&M, they have such lovely clothes with low price. Maybe I'll start doing some H&M shopping online.

    Have a lovely weekend, Lilli! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  23. This is such outfit Lilli! I really like your picks in recreating the look. You always do a great job with these and you nailed this one as well. I think I'm inspired to war something like this now :) Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  24. My kind of look! I love the coat; it's gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend Lilli!

  25. Lo indosserei subito questo look e tu lo hai ricreato alla perfezione!!!
    Happy friday doll!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  26. very nice look:) have a lovely weekend!

  27. Dear Lilli, again you show us a fantastic look for less. I´m a big fan of leather-leggings. I wear me in so many combination and your selection is very inspiring. What i need for the next winter is a leo-print coat, or a little jacket like your. Perfect for a cool styling. I wish you a very nice weekend. Kisses Cla

  28. This outfit does rock! I love that you recreated it with these fantastic pieces for less! I can totally see you wearing it just by swapping out the heels for some cute runners! Great idea!


  29. Yes some flat shoes would be perfect this look for your style, I like it! Comfort shoes I chose too.
    Happy weekend my dear.

  30. Lilli il pellicciotto è meraviglioso, un'ottima alternativa! ;) Bellissima anche la camicia azzurra, un classico che ancora mi manca (la rubo sempre a mia mamma però ne vorrei una mia!)! :D Bacioni e buon week-end!

  31. Nice style Lilli!
    Have a nice weekend!!!
    Many kisses!!!

  32. Che bello questo look! Baci.

  33. Molto carino davvero!!!! Ultimamente io sono un po' costretta alle scarpe da ginnastica ...Q uindi diciamo che ti capisco ... Meno male che ultimamente le fanno anche carine ... Da andarci in giro insomma ...

    New Post->

  34. Hi Lilli, I hope you are well. I couldn't agree more - this is definitely such a chic and classy style but effortless too. I wish I had her long slim legs but with the pants being black I'm sure I could get away with it especially with heels that lengthen the leg, but I'm with you Lillli, I think I'd like to throw on a pair of sneakers with it and keep it extra comfy. You're always so good with the copy the outfit for less posts. Have a good weekend x

  35. bello, mi piace molto

  36. Wow! I do not know if I dare to wear the coat but she looks great with it! Now I want to come a little cold to the city. Happy weekend Lilli!

  37. I like the colour combination of black, gold with a hint of light blue. So chic. This will look great on you Lill.

  38. Hi Lilli! I love this kind of post, I'm so glad you did one =D I've been looking for an animal print coat and it's so hard to find one that's not overly expensive.. thanks so much for sharing! It's such a sexy look and I'm glad we can get it for less.. need those shoes too <3 I hope you're having a fabulous weekend Lilli :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  39. Beautiful coat! Happy weekend, Lilli!

  40. Semplicemente perfetta!!!

    Bacino e buon week-end,

  41. awesome outfit! it looks great, totally worth a copy cat for less!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  42. bellissimo, lo hai ricreato proprio uguale
    buona domenica
    un bacione
    tr3ndygirl fashion blog

  43. Love the outfit, the coat is amazing! Happy week-end dear Lilli, hugs and kisses <3

  44. thanks for picking out the best affordable alternatives to get the Maria Kolosova street stlye look.

    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
    Say Cheesy Cake on Bloglovin

  45. look splendido e il cappottino è una favola buona domenica cara

  46. Great post dear.=) Love this outfit.

  47. I've always marvelled at how you all put all these outfits together. Is it via Polyvore? I love the layers of tank and long sleeves with leopard. Sounds busy but looks well put together. While heels really rock the look, I think I would be more comfy with sneakers too.

    Hello Lilli, Thank you for your sweet compliment and for sharing your thoughts. I wished I could introduce you to Leslie. Hahaha... You would like him! He has experience in Caucasian's hair too as he has some Caucasian customers as regulars. He once told me that Asian hair and Caucasian hair is so different in texture and reaction to types cut/heat/styling products etc. Even hair in different countries and climates behaves and reacts differently so hairstyles should also take into consideration the surrounding condition too.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  48. ciao Lilli! la tua riproduzione è stata praticamente identica, sei stata bravissima! :* <3
    adoro il nero abbinato agli accessori oro! mi piace molto anche la camicia celeste!
    scegli sempre fantastici look!
    un bacione e buona settimana <3

  49. Bellissimo questo look!

  50. Lilli te lo dico sempre che sei bravissima a fare questo genere di post, ma stavolta ancora di più perché hai scelto un look che mi piace particolarmente. Bellissime le alternative e bellissima la camicia azzurra Only. Peccato io non riesca a trovarla :(((
    Un bacio grande e buon inizio di settimana.

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  51. Such a nice outfit. I can imagine you wearing this..even better then this girl :)

    Kisses :**

  52. Thank you all! xo

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