Copy The Outfit For Less

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  1. Ecco, mi andrò subito a comprare i pantaloni bianchi di H&M!! Bellissimo outfit!
    Baci! F.

    La Civetta Stilosa

  2. Io e i pantaloni bianchi non andiamo molto d'accordo! ne ho un paio e li avrò' messi 2 volte! Tutto il resto invece lo indosserei volentieri!!

    Vieni a dare un occhiata al mio ultimo post: 12 ore a Melbourne!

  3. Lilli........tu sei un genio!!!!
    Spettacolare il look e come lo hai ricreato!!

    Un bacione!!


  4. Wow! Lovely outfit! <3

  5. Love this chic outfit!


  6. Ciao Lilli come sempre riesci a scovare delle ottime alternative. I pantaloni sono troppo carini, li voglio! Un abbraccio e buona giornata <3

  7. I'm in love with this outfit, those pants! <3 Minimalist, elegant, classy... perfect!
    Great copy too.

  8. Molto elegante! Belli gli occhiali!

  9. Amazing! i need the gorgeous Bag :)
    Great Post Lilli!

    kisses <3

  10. Il bianco e nero non tramonta mai...bella linea.

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  11. I love black and white outfits!
    Have a nice day Lilli!

  12. Bellissimo questo look Lilli e i pantaloni che hai scovato da H&M; sono fantastici!

    My last post: Your dream hair with UU Hair Extensions

    Shopping Girls

  13. Ma quanto è chic questo look... lo indosserei al volo!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  14. i pantaloni e le scarpe sono stupendi a presto cara

  15. un look molto elegante!! bacioni cara sereno pomeriggio :)

  16. adoro questo look, molto chic!

  17. Black and white done right. Another masterpiece, Lilli!

  18. Bellissima la tua proposta!

  19. Hello sweet Lilli!!
    What a lovely outfit!!So elegant!!
    My favorite colours,black and white!!
    Love the Sweater and the pants!!
    Have a happy week dear!Hugs!

  20. I really like this look as it's so effortlessly chic and elegant and as usual your picks are totally perfect Lilli! I totally want the sweater. The button cuff detail is really cool.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. ciao tesoro! cavolo, che meraviglia questo look! Karlie è sempre molto chic e raffinata come stile!^^
    adoro il cappotto oversize che hai scelto, lo preferisco a quello di Karlie!
    ieri ero da H&M per un giro di shopping, ma quei favolosi pantoloni me li sono persi :( mannaggia!
    adoro anche la borsetta Forever 21! <3
    sei stata bravissimissima, come sempre!
    un bacione e buona serata <3 :*

  22. So elegant! And I absolutely need these trousers. Off to shop! :)

  23. u got th e exact outfit for way less
    Pooja Mittal

  24. Che bel look! e complimenti per la tua proposta. I pantaloni da H&M sono splendidi, quasi quasi...

  25. Hi Lilli! Stylish and chic look! I love your style!
    Kisses dear, have a good evening! xo

  26. Ciao tesoro,
    bellissimo questo outfit che ci hai proposto in versione low cost, peccato per il mio fisico che non permette una mise del genere però tu, con le tue curve mozza fiato saresti benissimo ;)
    un bacione amica bella
    p.s. sono un po' assente perchè sto cambiando blog poi ti darò il nuovo indirizzo
    bacioniiiii <3<3

  27. Dear Lilli,
    i like your rubric: copy for less. This is the evidence, style need not much money. This is a very classic outfit for everybody and i like the clean color-combination. I´m a big fan of Karlie Kloss and i follow her at Instagram. Buona notte e sogni d´oro :)

  28. As you know by now, I am a huge fan of your this series, Lilli! It's amazing how I can duplicate Karlie Kloss outfit for only a small fraction of the price. Brilliant and that white pants is so pretty!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  29. Karlie is so chic and I don't even think If I wore her exact clothes I would look as chic as she does ha ha. I love white pants but I rarely wear them but you've inspired me to get them out of my summer wardrobe. Those H&M trousers are gorgeous and I'm hoping I will find them in my local store because the cut would be exactly what I want - not too tight and not too flared. You always do the copy for less so well! x

  30. Ottime alternative low cost!

  31. Sai Lilli mi hai letto nel pensiero, sto pensando di prendere un paio di pantaloni bianchi come quelli! Poi mi piace il look nel complesso!

  32. Nooooo devo prendere subito quei pantaloni h&m !! Hai creato Un set che mi Piace tanto
    Brava Lilli

  33. Hi Lilli i want to cament on you in that pink outfit WOWWWW you look better then the model in this post haha:) you have such an fashion eye for details that match perfectly.

    Check out my classy New England decor post :)

    Have a FAB weekend dear

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

  34. Karlie looked so chic and sophisticated but classic at the same time. I like her LV bag. I also like the Zara sweater with the side buttons. Wearing white pants is always my favourite for summer. I can't wait to wear white pants.

  35. This is definitely something I would wear! Black and white is so chic! Love it from head to toe!

  36. Ciao Lilli! I wish both a maxi coat for the winter I hope to get one this season, but the sun is still present in my town and why it's fall!

  37. Wonderful classic and elegant look! I like the white trousers and the coat. Just superb!

  38. Bellissimo questo look mi piace tutto...devo comprarmi i pantaloni di H&M pero' cosi da poterlo replicare! baci Elisabetta

  39. Morning, Lilli! First of all, wow, what an elegant look! I love your pick for this post! It's always nice to see a pocket-friendly version of a stylish outfit! I especially love the bag! And it's only 22 euro, so I am thinking of buying it. I am not much of a white trousers person, but these from H&M are really nice! Once, again, good choice, Lilli! Have a nice day! xo

  40. Hey I would definitely love to copy this outfit, Karlie looked so pretty and sophisticated but classic at the same time but i don't know how this outfit would look on me but still I want to try. You have shared a pocket friendly version of this style. I love everything in this outfit but the coat, bag and shoes are my favorite. Very inspirational post dear! Kisses and hugs <3

  41. Hi sweetie!
    copy the look - I really love this so effortlessly chic and elegant look that you've nailed perfectly in less expensive suggestions!

    sporty monday - is an absolutely perfect feminine casual but polished look. you look fantastic in pink, and I love it all year round, specially in spring! I really liked the way how you paired your pink coat with grey pant and the cool white sneakers. The burgundy bag is a great statement accessory and the scarf is truly lovely. great outfit!

    friday loves - are great items. I haven't tried them, but would love it and and a denim jacket is always in my wardrobe - it's the perfect basic that goes well with a lot of styles

    little anchors - first of all I love the photos and the brightness of the day in them. love the cute print on your scarf that is certainly very trendy . as a scarf lover I believe it can really complete an outfit, giving it a special touch. major crush on the new boots!

    have a lovely rest of the week my dearest Lilli
    bacci tanti

  42. ho comprato di recente proprio un paio di pantaloni bianchi uguali e sono davvero eleganti.. ti danno un appeal di donna in carriere immediato!giulia

  43. Molto bello questo look, mi devo decidere anch'io a prendere dei pantaloni bianchi, sono molto belli!

  44. Love this outfit, so elegant!!! Kisses dear Lilli :) <3

  45. Oh, my God! Sensational look! So simple, so elegant, sophisticate...geniale!
    My italian-english mix languages it's always here with me, have you noticed? :)) Do you have other readers, other friends who speak like that? :blushing
    Your choices to recreat this outfit are great! Mi piace molto!

    Hugs and kisses, dear Lilli!
    Lavender Thoughts

  46. Great selection! What do you think of following each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Have a great weekend! Kisses :)

  47. What a lovely outfit
    and you can buy inexpensive versions.
    You inspire me to look for more cheap outfits
    plus I can also buy extra accessories if I can save on the clothes.

  48. Thank you all! xo

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