Anchors, Denim And Blue

BlueBlazer+AnchorsScarf+DenimJoggers+BlackTote+WhiteSneakers+PinkLips - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog

BlueBlazer+AnchorsScarf+DenimJoggers+BlackTote+WhiteSneakers+PinkLips - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog

Anchors - Details


BlueBlazer+AnchorsScarf+DenimJoggers+BlackTote+WhiteSneakers+PinkLips - Lilli Candy and Style Fashion Blog


Lilli, Candy and Style Fashion Blog
I'm wearing:
Bershka Scarf, Denim Joggers, Necklace, Watch and Rings - Mango Blazer and Bag - Champion Sneakers - Conbipel Earrings - No Brand Bracelet - Brosway Ring - Bellaoggi Lip Balm n.03 - Catrice Doll's Collection Nail Polish C04

Happy Friday folks! Blue, anchors and denim: my look echoes back to holiday and relax. I recently revalued this color matching, wearing more blue stuff, it makes feel more calm and confident. But looking at the pics, there's just a thing I'd add, a bright red pout :)

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


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64 commenti:

  1. Hello gorgeous!
    This is my favorite outfit! I love it!
    Happy weekend! <3

  2. stai benissimo con i toni dell'azzurro! bacione

  3. Good morning my sweet!! You look wonderful & of course I love this look because it is all blue, my favourite colour :)) The little anchors are adorable, you look stunning, I love your hair down :)) I hope you will have a gorgeous weekend & thank you for the wishes for my daughter, no doubt, she will enjoy her day :)) Hugs and kisses to you xox

  4. Buongiorno Lilli, questo look sportivo ti dona molto. Il blu con il denim sono perfetti per l'estate e questo colori ti sta davvero molto bene.
    Ti auguro un sereno we.

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. il blu della giacca e' bellissimo e' uno dei miei colori preferiti!! bacioni cara ti auguro un felice weekend!! :)

  6. Ciao Lilli. Trovo molto carino questo outfit nei toni del blu.
    Un bacio e buon fine settimana.

  7. bel look, e bella la sciarpina con i motivi ad ancora, mi piace molto!!

  8. Sei splendida Lilli cara, adoro il blu e questo blazer è adorabile, con le ancore ancora di più :) Baci

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  9. Ciao Lilli, il blu è tra i miei colori preferiti da sempre, ho un blazer simile al tuo ed anche io lo accosto sempre ad un jeans!! Un abbraccio e buona giornata

  10. Bellissima la tonalità di blu del blazer e trovo anche molto carino il foulard con stampa nautica! Baci Elisabetta

  11. I am so in love with the blazer. I love what you did with the whole look, Lilli! Happy weekend, Love!

  12. Blue with blue, amazing combo Lilli, blue shades give a cool effect in summer. You look fantastic dear. The blazer is beautiful and with navy blue scarf it looks more gorgeous. Over all it's a comfy and stylish look. Loved your hair down. Pink makeup suits you very well. Wish you a happy weekend sweets! Kisses and hugs <3

  13. la sciarpa è troppo carina!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nameless Fashion Blog

  14. Happy Friday Lilli!
    You look really cute!
    Blue looks very nice on you!

  15. This outfit just consists of almost all my favorites :) I love blazers and this one is this most amazing shade of blue and then the boyfriend jeans (hugeeee love) and then sneakers! On the top of all, I love ur messy hair! Just perfect, mia cara! Buon weekend! Bacione

  16. Happy friday you too <3, I love your casual look Lilli, I like your navy scarf, are so confortable those pants.
    Muakss bella!

  17. How beautiful ,love the last Picture ,you look super gorgeous :)

    Happy Weekend Lilli ,kisses!

  18. Che bello questo blazer, taglio e colore splendido!!!!
    Mi piace troppo questo "navy" look con il tocco cool della sciarpa stampata!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  19. Hi Lilli! Such a relaxed outfit indeed! Love the scarf, it reminds me of my favourite place - the seaside. I am into blue lately too! I noticed that yesterday, so you are not alone! The blazer is a killer and it looks so good in a combination with the denim joggers! Well done on the outfit, Lilli! And your hair is wonderful! Wishing you a sunny weekend! xo

  20. Ciao tesoro,
    il blu, soprattutto in questa tonalità, è un colore che mi piace molto.
    La giacca è versatile , ne ho comprata una anch'io ma molto chiara quasi cammello.
    Bello l'insieme del look io ci metterò una super sciarla...le adoro!!
    Un bacione e buon fine settimana :** <3

  21. Your look does have a really nice and relaxed holiday feel to it and you look so pretty in blue. The anchor print on that scarf is so much fun and your makeup is always lovely. Have a marvelous weekend Lilli!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  22. Ciao bella Lilli, first at all, your hair looks a little bit wilder today and i really like it and you looks fresh with the touch of tan at your face.
    i agree wish you blue is a very confidence color and very nice for you and i think i fall in love with this pretty scarf with the anchors print.
    Wish you a very nice weekend my dear friend

  23. Tra i miei look preferiti di sempre Lilli, sei bellissima vestita così e poi adoro i capelli sciolti, dovresti portarli più spesso così! Bellissima poi la sciarpina con le ancore, la voglio anche io!!!

  24. I think this is the first time I see you without your signature bold red lips and I love it, Lilli! You look so sweet and just downright lovely with this shade of lipstick, your face looks fresh and radiant. I really like seeing you with joggers and it makes me want to get one for myself soon. I have yet to go shopping but probably will this weekend.

    Have a great weekend, Lilli!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  25. Hello sweet Lilli!!
    What a lovely outfit!!Like your denim joggers and your blue blazer!!The scarf is very preety with the anchors print!!Loading for Summer!!!!!
    Love your new hairstyle!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!Hugs!

  26. il blu ti dona...mi piace moltissimo questo outfit comodo...e complimenti per un trucco sempre perfetto!

  27. We are both in Blue today. I like your jacket and anchors scarf. You definitely look so relaxed and chic!

  28. I thought red was your color, but blue is definitely a color that looks just as amazing on you! I am absolutely obsessed with your denim joggers and I love how you paired it with the royal blue blazer and printed scarf!

    Keep rocking those fabulous outfits Lilli!
    Kisses and enjoy an amazing weekend hun!

    xx Tamara Chloé

  29. Che belli i tuoi jeans! Mi piace molto questo look, semplice e casual!

    Un bacione e buon week-end,

  30. You look so cool in that sneakers
    and that outfit is chic too.

  31. Very nice look! Have a nice day! Kisses

  32. Olá dear Lilli<3
    So long no see.... I'm sorry for my absence on your blog lately, but I've been insanely busy :P
    Wow, wow and Wow, you look gorgeously beautiful on the last photo. Love all about your outfit, but the scarf and the blazer are to die for. Blue color fits you perfectly, the whole look is lovely and really springy. Hope you are doing well and happy. Wish a wonderful weekend full of beautiful moments, Spring weather, and blue skies<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  33. Lilli il blu ti dona molto, il foulard è molto carino.
    Buon sabato cara. :-*

  34. Lilli're right! The blue color also gives me tranquility and peace, I like your pashmina with those details of anchors and blazer has also fallen in love is perfect and I remember the colors of the sea. Happy weekend dear.

  35. I actually thought I left a comment, but probably just dreamed it... Silly me. Love this look, Lilli! In fact this is one of my favourite of yours. Just beautiful! x

  36. Hi Lilli! OMG.. I'm obsessed with your scarf.. it's absolutely adorable! I used to be so obsessed with nautical theme, I buy anything that has an anchor on it.. it really looks fascinating to me :) Loving the color of royal blue on you Lilly.. I love the style of blazer with sneakers.. it's like class and comfort all in one.. fantastic outfit as always! I hope you're having a fabulous weekend Lilli! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  37. wow. love the blazer and bag! mango is one of my favorite brands :)

    Hope you have time to see my post: How I met my dream city


  38. ciao Lilli! amo veramente tutto di questo look! ho un debole per il blu e la sciarpina mi aveva giò colpita, l'hai abbinata perfettamente! adoro il colore del blazer e tutti gli accessori!
    un look che ti copierei volentieri!
    un bacione e buona settimana <3

  39. That outfit looks so good on you Lilli! I love the mix of blues! Your hair looks gorgeous!

  40. Lilli cara questo outfit ti dona una dolcezza infinita sai? Saranno i toni leggeri del blu e del jeans o forse è solo merito del tuo viso dolcissimo!! Se bellissima!!! <3

  41. che bella Lilli! Ho una sciarpa similissima.. sono pazza per le ancore.. nei tatto, nelle stampe sulle tee o nelle sciarpe!buon lunedì! giulia

  42. Che bello questo blazer blu elettrico e deliziosa la pashmina!
    Baci! F.

    La Civetta Stilosa

  43. Hey babe!
    You look wonderful , casual and so cool !I love this look: the little anchors are adorable, the blazer is beautiful and with navy blue scarf it looks even more gorgeous, the black and white stripe top with black and the light denim and the super cool crossbody. Stunning look!
    ps: I love your hair down !

    outdoor and garden lighting – I?m at awe with all these wonderful settings . how delightful it would be to go out of your home and see these luxurious gardens? Dreaming…

    Insta April - Your April Instagrams are the cutest! Wonderful moments from your daily life, Lilli!

    Sporty Monday - This is a really great look :) I love the top, I’m such a sucker for anything with stripes. You look fresh and ready for a new week in great style!

    Spring essentials - These are so very nice, I love the colours ans the comfy snealers. I’m also all for wonderful and relaxed style in summer!

    Total denim - Looking quite polished in your denim on denim look Lilli! You’re the queen of mix and match! Gorgeous look.

    Joggers mania – I’m in love! Great selection for all occasions you`ve got here! Want a few.

    Bouclé and silver - you’re such a stunner babe! the jacket and shorts set is just too cute! Love it when you wear red , this is a truly amazing outfit and youir photos are stunning besides adorable!

    Wish you the loveliest week my dear!
    Bacci tanti

  44. Che bello questo look, splendido il colore del balzer!

  45. cara con questi colori stai benissimo a presto un abbraccio

  46. You look very lovely Lilli, and I adore that fun scarf. All of the shades of blue look amazing. Happy Monday. xx/Madison
    Bold & Eco Decor

  47. Ooo, I just love your anchors scarf! And this blazer... the shade of blue it looks amazing on you!
    Your look is so cosy, so chic! Effortless beauty!

    Una grande abraccia per te, cara mia!
    Hope you'll have a fantastic week!

    Lavender Thoughts

  48. Your scarf is dashing and I am loving this look as all your looks of course.
    Hope you had a great week Lilli and sending you big hugs and kisses.

  49. Ti trovo splendida e sempre graziosissima,
    Il blazer e'davcero bello ed I Toni del blu sono perfetti per te
    Buona settimana

  50. Buongiorno Lilli, mi piaci tantissimo con i capelli più voluminosi! ;)
    E che bello questo mix casual, ma curato e femminile!
    Bella la sciarpina marinaretta!

  51. Ma che bello il blazer. e adoro il foulard che avevo già notato!

  52. bellissimo quel blazer!!

  53. I love all the mixed shades of blue Lilli, it has a very peaceful and elegant effect. And I love that pretty, natural makeup look too!

  54. Lilli ma lo sai che mi ha colpito questo outfit nella sua semplicità. Belli questi toni di blu insieme e belle le piccole ancore. Mi piace proprio tanto, trovo che questo colore ti doni particolarmente.

  55. Stai benissimo, adoro il blu della giacca , mi piace molto anche la sciarpona!

  56. You're looking so so pretty, Lilli!! <3 I am in love with your scarf!! It's gorgeous, and you definitely styled it so so well! <3

  57. Blue is so lovely on you Lilli. I love the theme happening here, all different shades of it. That scarf is my fave piece, mostly because of the anchors and man do I love nautical references. I think a red pout would have been fetching but so is that pale shade of pink you have on too. Happy Wednesday L, hope this week has been kind thus far.


  58. Wow I swear that scarf is really making a huge fashion statement!


  59. Thanks for your comments! xo

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