Friday Loves | Organic Edition

Friday Favorites


Few items I'm currently loving.

1) Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: a green mask that deeply cleans and refreshes. I use it every time my skin got some pimples or other imperfections: it truly helps to absorb and minimize them. This mask is absolutely a must-have.

2) Loom Serum: pure snail secretion with a high anti-aging effect. It is also good to get rid of acne scars, spots and expression wrinkles. I use it everyday before the moisturizer or even alone, I can't stay without it now.

3) IncaRose Più Volume Plumping RichLips Lipstick in Passion Red: a bright strawberry red lipstick, perfect for this season. The formula contains Hyaluronic Acid and is a good volumising treatment; it gives a nice and lasting plumping effect, which I personally love a lot, together with the shade.

4) Jojoba Oil: 100% natural and pure jojoba oil for face, body and hair. I usually apply it on hair before the shampoo as a nourishing mask. Leave the hair restructured and moisturized, my damaged hair says thanks :)

What are your recent loves?

Happy Weekend!


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23 commenti:

  1. Sai Lilli, io utilizzo una maschera ai fanghi del mar morto, mi trovo benissimo perchè purifica la pelle! buon week end :)

  2. These are wonderful products Lilli. It's a good thing that they work well for you. Happy Friday!

  3. Li vorrei provare tutti questi prodotti!!!
    Happy Friday Lilli!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. Una collezione da scoprire. Quando si tratta di prodotti organici il mio portafoglio piange :)

  5. Quanti prodotti! indispensabili direi ...

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  6. Very nice recommendations Lilli! My favourite are the serum and the lipstick; I sure could use those. Happy Friday!

  7. You are so cute, Lilli! :) I smile because I imagine your hair saying "Thanks". Regarding these products - each one sounds really nice. I am interested to try the masque, is it for oily skin type? The serum also sounds good, as I have acne scars and it's hard to believe there is something that can make them disappear. Happy Friday, Lilli! Enjoy the weekend! xo

  8. Lovely post Lilli! Have a great weekend dear! kisses

  9. Great items Lilli, and I definitely love doing a facial/mask once in a while. I like deep cleansing masque like this. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. x/Madison
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  10. Ottimi prodotti, li voglio provare!
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  11. Nice products Lilli, I would to try some soon, recent I love it cocobut oil for my hair, but I think must to try jojoba oil too, Thanks for the review!

  12. Li proverei tutti Lilli, soprattutto mi attira il Loom serum ! Bacioni

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  13. I used to also love the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque but then my skin got sensitive to it and I could use it anymore. I'm using a hot and cold mask from a Korean brand called Caolion that is similar and i love it. Happy weekend Lilli!

  14. I have never tried jojoba oil, the oil I've tried is argan which my dry skin truly loves. Definitely something to keep in mind the next time I shop for an oil.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  15. Dear Lilli. The people swear more and more for organic products. Me too. Your introduced products sounds great, especialy the 100% natur Jojoba-oil and the volume pluming lipstick. Wish you a fantastic weekend

  16. Trovi sempre dei prodotti interessanti Lilli, l'olio vorrei provarlo
    Buon fine settimana cara

  17. Non ne conosco mezzo, ignoranza totale oggi Lilli. Però tanta curiosità che sale e si, vorrei proprio provarli tutti i prodotti di questa tua selezione. Mi ispirano assai! :)
    Bacioni e buon weekend! :*

  18. I have never give up to have a life style like yours, your life is wonderful one. Regards: Sopherth a Writer at Blogger Technical Support best blog tutorial supporter.

  19. Quanti bei prodotti Lilly!
    Io proverei il rossetto volumizzante Incarose.

  20. I love your Friday loves organic edition Lilli. Do you know I don't use organic products on my skin and you have inspired me too. I've never really come across many, I tend to use Loreal and Elemis. I love the idea of the mask and the serum, can't believe the serum is made from snail secretion wow! I'll have to look out for these products! Happy Sunday x

  21. la maschera la voglio provare, dove l'hai presa? bellissimo anche il rossetto.
    Un bacione amica mia e buona domenica ;)

    1. La trovi su eBay o Amazon! Un bacio grande a te amica ♥

  22. Thank you all! xo

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